Team Dubbels: Ballers

Our basketball season has come to an end for Alaina, Lydia, and Ezra! The kids did well, had fun, and enjoyed their teams. Heather and I felt like chauffeurs between all the practices and games.

We have thoroughly enjoyed cheering on both the Men’s and Women’s Purdue Basketball Teams! We were able to attend the Women’s Purdue versus Indiana game!

Alaina had a really good 7th grade year! She is handling the ball well, making a few more shots, and hitting three pointers!

This was Lydia first year of travel basketball. She didn’t have the best team, but they have potential. Grateful to the coaches that put in the time and energy in developing these young players!

Ezra played for a fourth grade team representing his school in a different league at the Carver Center in Kokomo.

Ezra and I had the opportunity to watch #1 Fishers take down #4 Kokomo at the New Castle Regional. Packed fieldhouse! Great game and great season, Wildkats! Thanks, Flory!

Blast from the past! Earlier this week, I ran into an old friend from middle school and high school. It has been literally 30 years since I last saw him. Carson Harris and I were both starting point guards for our respective middle schools that fed into Lafayette Jefferson High School. He is one of the best guards I’ve every played with. As a freshman, he was the starting point guard for the varsity team. I knew I would never compete against him and fortunately I transferred to a smaller school allowing me to start varsity my junior and senior years. My former Lafayette Jefferson team was led by Carson to the state finals at the RCA Dome our senior year. He continued to have a successful coaching career as well. The crazy part of this was that I just shared this whole story and highlighted Carson to my son three days beforehand on our way to the New Castle Regional. 2024 // 1994

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