Ezra: Double Digits “10”

April 22, 2024 Michael Dubbels 0

Happy birthday to Ezra! He turned the big 10! He had the opportunity to practice kicking on the varsity football turf field, go turkey hunting, and have a party with ten of his friends!

Team Dubbels: Ballers

March 14, 2024 Michael Dubbels 0

Our basketball season has come to an end for Alaina, Lydia, and Ezra! The kids did well, had fun, and enjoyed their teams. Heather and I felt like chauffeurs between all the practices and games. […]

Georgia Aquarium

December 28, 2023 Michael Dubbels 0

We enjoyed an incredible day at the Georgia Aquarium in Downtown Atlanta! We loved the dolphin show, the whale shark, and the sharks! Always a good time with extended family in Atlanta! Thank you for […]

Alaina: Officially a Teenager

December 6, 2023 Michael Dubbels 0

Alaina is officially a teenager! We celebrated her 13th birthday by going to watch the Purdue women’s basketball game! Thank you Madison & McKenna Layden for letting the kids get a picture with you! Happy […]

Another Successful Season

November 18, 2023 Michael Dubbels 0

It has been another successful deer hunting season for our family on the farm! Ezra got his first deer on the opening day of youth hunt weekend by taking a doe with a .243 caliber […]

Incredible Youth Hunt 2023

September 24, 2023 Michael Dubbels 0

We had an incredible youth hunt weekend! Ezra nailed his first deer on Saturday evening and Alaina took down her first buck on Sunday morning! Awesome experience with the kids! Extremely proud of Ezra! He […]

Ready for 2023 Football

September 2, 2023 Michael Dubbels 0

We are ready for another season of football! Ezra genuinely loves suiting up and playing. He enjoys cheering on the Northwestern High School varsity team, the Purdue Boilermakers, and the Cincinnati Bengals. Ezra is excited […]


August 2, 2023 Michael Dubbels 0

I picked up a three year old Australian Shepherd a few months ago as a companion to our other dog. She recently had a beautiful litter of puppies!

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