Ultimate Surf Fishing Experience

We had an incredible time in Florida! Ezra and I scheduled a surf fishing trip at Flagler Beach with Fishin’ Girl Cathy Sanders and had a great experience. We caught Whiting, Black Drum, and Bluefish! Cathy was able to show us her setup with poles, rigs, bait, and so much more! I have known Andy & Cathy Sanders for nearly 30 years. So nice to see them again and experience Florida saltwater fishing!

The Ultimate Beach-Fishing Experience in Northeast Florida Awaits!

When you’re in the East Coast Florida region, diving into surf fishing is not just an activity; it’s an absolute¬†must-do! And what better way to immerse yourself than to learn from the best? Connect with Cathy Sanders, a surf fishing professional, renowned for her unparalleled expertise and passion.

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