Great Basketball Season x3

Team Dubbels had a fun season of basketball. All three kids participated and improved in their skills. Alaina played well improving her ball handling and defense. She is still striving to be a better shooter. Her team ended the season with a 7-4 record. Lydia participated in NYO and continued to improve. A favorite memory is when she stole the ball, dribbled the full court, and hit a shot as time expired. Ezra enjoyed playing ball with his 3rd grade team. Unfortunately, due to so many players participating, it limited practice and game opportunities for their team. At the end of the season, he was invited to participate with other 3rd graders in two tournaments. Ezra had the opportunity to meet Kokomo’s star player Flory Bidunga and shoot around at Memorial Gym. Also, we were able to watch the Kokomo Wildkats win the sectional championship! Both Alaina and Ezra are participating in off-season development leagues.

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