Trip to Uruguay

Heather went to South America from June 6 through June 17! Proud of my wife for completing her last graduate course in Spanish. Not only did she take on additional graduate coursework in Spanish, she did it while teaching, sponsoring the Freshman Class, Spanish Club, Spanish Honor Society and caring for our 3 children. Our family was able to host a teacher from Uruguay this past winter and now Heather got to travel to see her school and Uruguay! ✈️ 🇺🇸 🇺🇾

Day 1 in Montevideo, Uruguay! After being warmly welcomed by Rossanna and Tamara at the airport, I was treated to chivito, one of Uruguay’s national dishes.

Our evening ended at Rossanna’s house, with her family opening their home to host a barbecue.

What an incredible first full day in Uruguay! It began with a teacher training session at Crandon High School, where my host teacher, Tamara, works.

After the training, we toured the city, beginning on a bus and ending on foot. We saw historic sites and buildings throughout Montevideo, venturing into the old portion of the city, and, then, along the river. Those not rollerblading, biking, or running along la rambla were fishing or enjoying mate, a traditional Uruguayan drink.

Day 2: We began our roadtrip to the East coast after grabbing some pastries at a local panadería. After a stop in Piriápolis for some pictures, we traveled to Punta del Este. From the shore, we spotted South American sea lions, enjoyed fresh seafood, and climbed the lighthouse for some incredible views of the peninsula. On the way back to Montevideo, we stopped for a crepe filled with dulce de leche.

Days 3 & 4 were spent in the Crandon Institute and the Ivy Thomas Memorial School, two private, bilingual schools in Montevideo. I was able to observe History and Biology classes and share about Indiana and school in the US in English classes. Tonight, several students from Crandon were recognized for receiving top scores on their Cambridge English as a second language and History exams.

Uruguay – Days 5-8 – I am so grateful for a window into the lives of students and teachers in Uruguay that wouldn’t have been possible apart from the BEE program! I was welcomed into classrooms at Crandon Institute, not only by English teachers, but also by teachers of Spanish Literature, History, and Art. A volleyball team of teachers, moms, and former students allowed me to join their practice, led by the coach of the national volleyball team. Today, I was fortunate to be able to share conversation and make memories with two amazing teachers as we traveled to Colonia, one of the oldest towns in Uruguay, across the river from Buenos Aires.