What Would Jesus Undo? | Hollow Worship

In Jesus’ time on Earth, He wasn’t interested in just going through the motions. He wasn’t looking for modified outward behavior. He shook up anyone whose faith was lukewarm, and He brought hope to the broken, the lost, and those tangled in sin by showing them what it could really look like to worship God. We can tend to tie ourselves in knots, “going through the motions” to meet the world’s expectations. But we were created for more than that.  In this message, we’ll go beyond the simple slogans of what it means to follow Christ, and open ourselves up to discover the knots in our lives that Jesus wants to undo, so that we can live an authentic faith. If Jesus was editing YOUR life, would would He “undo”?

What Would Jesus Undo | Hollow Worship – BIG IDEA: Worship isn’t limited to the songs that we sing. It’s the life that we live. There’s one thing everyone on the earth was made to do: worship our Creator. Yet so often, it’s easy for us to sleepwalk through our days and give simple lip service to God. What would it look like if our passion for Him was renewed?

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