Your New Life

When you asked Jesus Christ to be your Lord and Savior, something wonderful happened. You began a new life. Your sins were forgiven, and you were born into the family of God. Although your new life is a gift from God in heaven, you begin to live it now on earth. Learn how to live it according to God’s principles. Let Your New Life teach you how to grow and find joy in your new life in Christ.

Your Bible

Your Word is a lamp to guide me and a light for my path,” said King David many years ago. No matter how difficult your situation is, or what decision you need to make, you can have the same assurance that King David had. This 107-page course will introduce you to the Bible and help you study it in order to gain insight into the way that God views our circumstances and helps us when we ask him.

John’s Gospel

This course follows the pattern of John’s Gospel and centers on the person of Jesus. It deals with many of the intimate details of Jesus’ life, His teaching, and His claims that are not found in the other Gospels. In its 184 pages, this course takes the reader on a chapter-by-chapter study of the Gospel of John, and presents the vivid description of Christ that was given by the beloved disciple who was His closest human associate during His years of ministry.

Who Jesus Is

The best place to learn about the identity of Jesus is the Bible. This course gives a vivid look at the life of Jesus beginning with His birth and continuing to the prophecies about His second coming. At the end of this course there is an invitation for the reader to have a personal encounter with Jesus.

We Believe

Learning from God’s Word helps us to answer the questions of what we believe and why we believe. Hence, we become what we believe. The themes in this course are challenging, the content is biblical and the end result will impact the rest of your life.