Season 1 Episode 3 | Basketball

Sharing Life, Insights & Stories | Season 1 Episode 3 – Northwestern Basketball

School sports thrill, delight and entertain thousands of fans in Indiana every year.  Sports are a vital, animating force in our state, giving dozens of communities a sense of identity and pride.  School sports teach lifelong lessons to over 160,000 student-athletes annually, lessons that can’t be taught in school classrooms.  Add up the moms and dads, the grandmas and grandpas, the little sisters and big brothers, the aunts and uncles, all the alumni, teachers and community leaders, school sports touch the heart of virtually every person in Indiana.

School sports teach lifelong lessons. Lessons that can’t be taught in school classrooms.  Today’s student-athletes are tomorrow’s doctors, lawyers, educators and CEO’s. The lessons they learn as student-athletes are the same life lessons they will need to become productive employees, responsible citizens and effective leaders.

One lesson that I learned and that I will instill in my kids is that failure and setbacks are only final if we fail to get back on our feet and try again.  Today, you may need a fresh reminder to get back in the game where you belong. Sometimes we need encouragement to take another shot, especially if you have ever failed to reach a goal or dream the first time around.  You will never lose if you get back up. You may need to make adjustments along the way, and you may need to realign yourself. But you must constantly get back up. Very often success is not achieved on the first attempt. You must always take another shot. Do you need to get back into the championship game of life?