Who Needs Church? | Bold Action

The Church changed the world once.  There’s still much about our world that needs to change.  But more than ever, people seem to be asking the question “Who Needs Church?”  Is church just a service to attend?  A building to maintain? An obligation to fulfill?  Or is it something much bigger than that? In this message, we will explore who needs church by remembering what the church is and looking at how the church began.   The church began as a movement and it is still moving today. To make the church the catalyst it once was, we must rediscover big prayer, bold action, and committed community. No one would argue that anyone needs church if it wasn’t for the boldness of the first century church. If the early church had been safety-conscious and rights-conscious instead of bold, the message of Jesus would have disappeared within six months of the resurrection. Instead, in those days even those who didn’t believe held Christians in high esteem. The early church took bold action in the face of overwhelming odds.

Who Needs Church | Bold Action – BIG IDEA:  Rediscovering bold action allows us to have big influence.

Who Needs Church? | Bold Action

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